Monday, December 16, 2019

Uncertainty is a Generosity Killer

Giving is fragile. It only takes one out of about 20 objections to derail your fundraising strategy. I call them the “Land mines of Objections.”

Do you know what those objections are? I have a list somewhere, send me an email at toddbaker@orgmarketingcom and I will send them to you.

There is always a reason to wait to be generous. Your goal as a fundraiser, is not to step on one of those land mines.

Recently, I reviewed creative that presented a donor with the idea to send inquiries to Michigan. A thousand miles away from the rescue mission’s location. Hesitation is what that idea creates. “Why am I being asked to send my private information to another state?” Are what donors of your mission will think but may never tell you. Something so small can undermine your entire efforts.

Unfortunately, there is little we can do to eliminate the worst objection of them all, uncertainty.

If people are feeling uncertain about their future, they simply will not donate to your mission. They tell themselves, “we’ll wait next month to give.” Until that thing passes that’s causing uncertainty.

Today, if you pay attention to the news there is cause for uncertainty. There is nothing more needed to be said than the previous statement.

As Christian ministries, we need to remind our donors and friends that God is in control. The Holy Spirit is a gift God gave to comfort us during difficult times. Amazing as it sounds, He desires for us to rely on Him, for all the resources needed.

God is bigger than uncertainty. He can move people to give. Trust Him. Pray for your fundraising efforts. Be faithful to who God has called you to be and He will open many doors for your mission.


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