Thursday, January 19, 2012

Formalize Fan Fundraising™

Step 79.

Here are three critical ways you can formalize Fan Fundraising™ inside your organization.

1. Form a specific Fan Fundraising™ Department with a sole purpose to inspire your constituents to raise money. You may already be engaged in some kind of Fan Fundraising™ through events and/or a volunteer program so let me share this model to help you visualize an organizational structure.Fan Fundraising Department Model
2. You need to come up with a job description for VP of Fan Fundraising™. I've listed some qualities you'd want in such a person.
Qualities of a Fan Fundraiser Model
3. Establish realistic metrics for the department based on past performance. Compare the average dollar value to the organization of a Fan Fundraiser’s first six months with that of a general donor’s first six months and you will be amazed at what you will find in regards to the return on investment (ROI).
Fan Fundraiser Metric Model
A majority of charities spend most of their time and resources on acquiring and cultivating general donors. Imagine if these same organizations took a few pennies-on-the-dollars to create a big Fan Fundraising™ campaign.

Givers Take Image, I was introduced to your charity by sponsoring my neighbor in the walk for a cure.

Step 80. Create Buzz

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