Thursday, January 19, 2012

Post Your Org's Videos

Step 55.

Many nonprofits have miles of video footage about their cause that can be repurposed and tagged, just as in the case of other content, in order for people discover your wonderful work.

The more videos you post to various Web sites, with links back to your charity's site, helps your organization go up in Search Engine placements.

Here is a recent campaign Grizzard created for The Salvation Army.These are but a few of the Web sites you can share your video stories in order to drive people to your Web site.
Logos of Video Sharing Web sites
Here's a Baker's Dozen of ingredients to make a compelling direct response video.

1. Show the need pretty intensely at the beginning, before you show the solution.
2. Emphasize the numbers who are affected.
3. Keep positioning the solution as the donor, not the charity.
4. Say "Call now and say you care . . . ”
5. Give the phone number both verbally and visually multiple times.
6. Say, "Operators are standing by to take your call."
7. Show the kit they will receive and say, "When you call, you'll receive . . . "
8. Use a well-known and well-liked spokesperson that fits with your charity.
9. Have the host walk through the life of one of these children--where she lives, why her parents can't afford the operation, etc.
10. Paint the picture of what life would be like if she never got the operation--infections, inability to marry or find work, etc.
11. Show the process of the surgery without the gory details.
12. Cycle to the fundraising offer or ask every 5-7 minutes.
13. Cut away to the phone center and interview phone operators and promote "auto-pay" using a credit card.

Givers Take Image, My friends and I made a video about our volunteer experience and posted it on YouTube.

Step 56. Broadcast Your Case

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