Thursday, January 19, 2012

Allow for User Generated Content

Step 61.

"What kind of world do you want?" This thought provoking Web site engages the vistor immedidately by challenging them to get involved.

The reason why this Web site is so effective is because its success depends upon user involvment . . . content generated by users married with the organization's objectives.Example of user generated content.

Starlight Starbright not only developed a niche social network but integrated it with its overall brand identity and positioning strategy.Example of user generated content

.Image of Time Magazine
Nonprofits for far too long have developed Web sites with only themselves in mind. We need to reach out to the user and let them in to the core of our cause. Give the user the tools necessary to help spread the word and inspire their family and friends to join the both of you in your quest to make our world better. Web sites that only focus inwardly on their own efforts as oppose to presenting the user's role will only make a small impact in a vast sea of need.

Givers Take Image, My grandson made this remarkable video and posted it on your Web site about feeding starving people.

Step 62. Read The Little Nonprofit that Could

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