Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Vantage Point

Photo of Mountain TopIt seems like morning’s light touches Colorado’s Pike’s Peak before it falls anyplace else on Earth. Glancing westward from its heights, we see the remnant clouds of yesterday’s storm. The north allows a glimpse into the future, as snow promises to descend before noon. The southern sky offers a marvelously captivating release from nature’s cleansing rain with its clarity extending for miles. Alas, in the valley, it’s impossible to discern what our airy viewpoint lets us appreciate. There are those who ascend to the peak and will only see what they seek. There are others who come with closed minds and therefore will not see their way out of the haze. But the enlightened few brings an enriching perspective even beyond my dreams.

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Step 1. Determine Strategic Objectives

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Anonymous said...

This post really spoke to me this morning.

Thank you Todd

Marie Paulson