Thursday, January 19, 2012

Customize for Make A Difference Donors

Step 16.

“Make A Difference” donors are highly motivated by results.

They are looking for experiences and are open to a world of possibilities.

These are people who will forgo their two-week vacation in order to become a part of your charity in a meaningful way.

They are attracted to causes that want a true partnership. These are people who are not afraid to go and do.Nonprofit and Constituent Partnership Model
These donors have a desire to belong to something great but want to know their contribution is having a real impact. They are not satisfied with just writing a check and leaving it all up to a charity to make things happen.

These donors want to give input to a charity that is listening and they just might have an idea that will make you more effective at what you do.

If you are successful at fostering these Make A Difference Donors you will create an enormous following of fans. In time, these fans will become more valuable than gold itself.

Givers Take Image, Slinging a hammer in the summer heat helped me realize what truly is important.

Step 17. Build a Bigger Stage

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