Thursday, January 19, 2012

Grow, Part 4 of 13

Step 98.
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Do you know me? Values are important. What I believe affects everything. You never ask me what I think. You don’t know how I feel. They’re distinct reasons why I donate. However, I can tell you don’t have a clue based on your actions.

Today, I got a newsletter. It talked all about you. What you are doing, here and there. I am still wondering if you ever finished that hospital in Ecuador. Months ago, it seemed to be a big deal. I gave.

Do you really need me? It’s hard to see if I’m helping to make a difference. I want my money to count. I need to know if your organization is still a good investment. Are we making progress?

How close are we to a cure? The news talks about new drugs and treatments. What is your position on their viability? How do these timely breakthroughs fit into your plans?

My mother died of cancer. Her pain-stricken face haunts me. I feel helpless, then and now. When I first donated to you, it gave me hope for others.

Once you inspired me. “Doctor Harper made a brilliant discovery,” I believe the letter stated. What is the latest on Doctor Harper? Any more brilliance to share? I need to know. To end cancer in my lifetime is my dream.

Your communication is hit or miss. I’ve been clear about what is most important. I’m losing interest. What you want to say and what I want to hear match up less and less. The cause and effect is that ignore much of what you send me.

“You give me this and I give you that,” no longer works for me.
I wonder sometimes if you ever ask yourself, what I’d like to hear about before you spend money to send me something. I bet the answer is no.

You send me something about every week. I’ve never gone to your fundraising dinner but you invite me ever year and send me four reminders. I live in Seattle and your headquarters are in Atlanta. I am not coming and never will.

In the winter, I live in San Diego and I hate coming home to a stack of your mail. What a waste.

Last month, you asked me to give you $5,000. It’s been six years since I gave you a gift anywhere close to that amount. Think! Think how this made me feel. It is true, I’ve invested a lot of money and energy into your organization over time but that is not the reason why I will give in the future.
Don’t tell me about your needs. Tell me the needs you are meeting.
Can the battle be won? Does our vision for the future match? Do we want the same things?

At the end of it all, I need to know I mattered . . . my life had purpose. For me, there isn’t much time. Everyday must count. Every penny I entrust to you must have impact.

Today, it seems I’m constantly evaluating my finances. With every piece of communication you send me, I ask myself “Is this organization still worthy of my support.”

My friend sent me an email about a new charity. It highlighted advances they’ve recently made in cancer research. In fact, I even attended a Webinar recently put on by this organization. They asked me my opinion. I gave it.

This new charity lets me decide on what information I want and when I want it. They have a Facebook page entirely dedicated to research breakthroughs happening throughout the world. Ironically, I heard about one of your recent discoveries through this new organization before hearing it from you. It impressed me. I gave.

This new group seems committed to keeping me informed. You seem committed to asking for money. They use technology to be more efficient and effective. You use technology to ask for more money. They thank me and clearly explain how my donation impacted lives. You seemingly move on from one appeal for money to another and in fact your receipt letters ask me for money.
They make me feel like a partner in a noble cause. You treat me like an ATM Machine.
My giving hasn’t stopped, just my donations to you.

Giver's Take, There is a new organization conducting cutting-edge research

Step 99. Grow, Part 5 of 13

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