Wednesday, January 1, 2025

Read This First

Todd BakerHello, my name is Todd Baker, and you must be interested in nonprofit fundraising online. This blog book is a step-by-step process that will help you in your quest.

What you are about to read is unique because it gives you an understanding of the nonprofit digital fundraising experience from the charity and constituent perspective simultaneously. Good marketers know what works but great ones understand why things work.

You will not find any quotes from 14th Century philosophers, poets or playwrights. Nor will you have to read ramblings on about the industrial age, Civil War History and/or the next big wave in direct marketing and advertising.

This blog book is not going to provide a chronological order of how the Internet began or enamored speak about how quickly people are signing on board. There are no fancy-schmancy metaphors relating the Internet with anything that comes out of a spider. Nope, none of that, just straight to the point advice to help you quickly master the online world. Frankly, we don’t have much time to get our collective nonprofit houses in order as it relates to the Internet. For it is my belief, the Internet will become centric to all of your marketing.

Internet Centric Marketing Model
For one simple reason, you can never stop someone from going to your organization’s Web site. If you produce a lousy radio advertisement the good news is that most people you are wanting to reach didn’t hear it or if they did, won’t recall it weeks later. However, you get one shot with your Web site and it only takes seconds to make an impression . . . good or bad.

It is my hope you can implement these steps tomorrow so that people who are searching for meaning in life may find your wonderful organization and become fulfilled thus our world will be better for it.

Vantage Point
ISBN 0-9707832-3-X


Monday, December 16, 2019

Uncertainty is a Generosity Killer

Giving is fragile. It only takes one out of about 20 objections to derail your fundraising strategy. I call them the “Land mines of Objections.”

Do you know what those objections are? I have a list somewhere, send me an email at toddbaker@orgmarketingcom and I will send them to you.

There is always a reason to wait to be generous. Your goal as a fundraiser, is not to step on one of those land mines.

Recently, I reviewed creative that presented a donor with the idea to send inquiries to Michigan. A thousand miles away from the rescue mission’s location. Hesitation is what that idea creates. “Why am I being asked to send my private information to another state?” Are what donors of your mission will think but may never tell you. Something so small can undermine your entire efforts.

Unfortunately, there is little we can do to eliminate the worst objection of them all, uncertainty.

If people are feeling uncertain about their future, they simply will not donate to your mission. They tell themselves, “we’ll wait next month to give.” Until that thing passes that’s causing uncertainty.

Today, if you pay attention to the news there is cause for uncertainty. There is nothing more needed to be said than the previous statement.

As Christian ministries, we need to remind our donors and friends that God is in control. The Holy Spirit is a gift God gave to comfort us during difficult times. Amazing as it sounds, He desires for us to rely on Him, for all the resources needed.

God is bigger than uncertainty. He can move people to give. Trust Him. Pray for your fundraising efforts. Be faithful to who God has called you to be and He will open many doors for your mission.


Friday, September 1, 2017

Rich Man, Poor Man

You and I have been given the keys to the Kingdom. To make people feel. To inspire passion. To realize greatness. You don’t work for a paycheck. You work for a purpose.

You are entrusted with wonderful stories waiting to be told. These stories have the power to penetrate through the noise and capture attention.

So many are lost in a crowd. These are those who are desperate for relief. They walk the streets hastening about. Some seek hope in a trash can. Others look for it in a device. Both are the same. Both desire alike. They need each other to gain the prize.

Story tellers are for such a time. You can save the world. It rests with you. To represent and present your cause. To make a case. If not you, then who? You must meet this challenge. Lives depend on our success. The lives we champion and those who hear and answer our petitions.

The poor are among us because the rich so desperately needs them. Both seek help. Their hearts hurt. The seek meaning. They seek purpose. Both fear. Your story will rescue them.

Listen to me. It is time, to use your courage to encourage.

Think about your cause. Does your story have energy to take my breath away with a rush of passion and move me to dream even though I’m awake? Your story must convey imagery that transports people to places in their minds where they’ve never been. People will only do what they’ve first envisioned themselves doing.

Imagine telling a story so powerful and inspirational, people share it with family and friends. Perhaps they save it to be read again. Most assuredly they will engage with your cause.

A great story will grab a hold of your heart and never let go. It articulates the impact of each life and reminds us the ultimate vision. People join causes greater than themselves. To do big things, like ending hunger, finding a cure, stop abuse, save animals, etc. Tell us your dream. When your vision becomes reality. Do it often.

Rich man, poor man, both desperately need a life of meaning. They wait for your story. To bring them together. The have and have not search for purpose. Show them the way back and then the way forward.

Go inspire!