Thursday, January 19, 2012

Use Images That Work Best

Step 75.

This is an example of a nice clean homepage with compelling imagery with a motivating message.
Image of a Nonprofit Web site Example

In your quest to find your own imagery, keep the following in mind and you will produce stunning creative.
Photos of homeless child and people laying on a city sidewalk.
Photo of an event that looks boring1. Make sure the image selected tells the whole story, if you are selling an incredible event don't show a bunch of people standing still listening to a person speaking.
2. The image must integrate well with the headline.
3. Always remember that less is more when it comes to imagery. A few impactful images that are crystal clear are much more powerful than 10 - 15 images at a thumb nail size.
Photo of homeless father and his daughter.4. People first look at children before audlts in photographs.
5. Large photos are seen before smaller ones.
6. Use photos for serious topices and illustrations for amusement.
7. Pictures of people will be seen before pictures of things.
8. Always show the "product" you are marketing.

Givers Take Image, The photos in your photo gallery are amazing, they tell a story all unto themselves.

Step 76. Use Widget Technology for Fundraising Campaigns

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