Thursday, January 19, 2012

Seize Your Keywords and Phrases

Step 50.

There is a war for words taking place on the Internet.

Most likely your organization is losing its fair share of the many daily battles taking place on Search Engines.

I’m not talking about paid advertising, which is certainly an option. Rather, I want to remind you of the organic nature of search results.

Unfortunately, many charities are not even on the battle field so the chances of people discovering your nonprofit’s site are not very likely.

What are the top five or six statements you want to own online?
Image of Google Search Bar
How does your target audience think about your cause . . . what words do they use to search for information online about the activities of your charity.

Position your charity first in the minds of your target audience and watch your search engine ranks soar.

Givers Take Image, My mother was diagnosed with Lung Cancer and I wanted to find out everything I could so when I searched about it, your organization appeared.

Step 51. Tag Your It

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