Thursday, January 19, 2012

Plan for Integration

Step 69.

You don’t need to make sure that every media is touched for an integrated web strategy, Print, web, radio, TV, etc.

Some campaigns can include a banner, email, Direct Mail insert or piece, or everything.

You must crossover at least two mediums to integrate.

Are your IT/Communications and Development groups need to be sharing notes and plans?

Driving Traffic is the Key
Model for Marketing OnlineDo you have banners on your site for external downloading?
Do you use any paid placement techniques (keywords, banners, sponsorships)?
Do you have feed content on your site?
Do you include URL information in printed materials or for a specific campaign?
Do you have current site members recruit new members?

Photo of a woman and a man sitting at desks.Do you have an offline communications calendar?
Do you consult your offline communication campaigns prior to creating and online campaign?
Create a master calendar that captures every touch point to your constituents.
Do you track the responses to each email?
Do you test before you send?
If you include links in your communications, are they clearly stated to recipient?

Planning ahead is so very critical when conducting Integrated Web Strategies, especially when media buying is involved. Media buying is one of the first things to consider as you begin to implement your Integrated Web Strategy because the media might not be available when you get ready to execute your strategy if you left it for last.

Givers Take Image, My family and I have given multiple times to your campaign, keep up the good work.

Step 70. Save the Seals

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