Thursday, January 19, 2012

Present Fundraising Offers

Step 27.

Almost every single successful fundraising effort I’ve seen has a compelling offer at the core of its strategy. Sadly the reverse is true as well . . . the fundraising efforts that fail either do not have an offer at all or it is presented from the least inspirational perspective.

The Fundraising Offer Equation:
Image of The Fundraising Offer Equation
$105 = $1,000,000 + 26% ÷ 12,000 children a year

O = Offer
P = Program
B = Budget (Annual)
A = Administrative
C = Cost
L = Lives
I = Impacted
T = Time

Photo of a man who is homeless with a cardboard sign.This person who is homeless understands a core fundraising principle, have a dollar handle. In his case he is letting me know that $45 can provide him food and shelter. Furthermore, he is also allowing me the option of finding him a job. That is called donor choice, which is another core principle. I gave him $100 and then he asked me for my email address. No lie.

Givers Take Image, Education is empowerment and that is why I feel good knowing that with every gift of $105 I can send one Afrian child to school for an entire year.

Step 28. Use Models to Make Your Point

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