Thursday, January 19, 2012

Have a Big Vision

Step 11.

Donors see and relate to the world in a personal way and they are looking to become a part of something larger than themselves.

Therefore, give your donors a big vision and remind them constantly of how together, you are making the world better.

Keep sending out those progress reports to your donors because it is through the results of your combined efforts that validate their meaning in life.

The more you present a clear, concise and constant message the better you will be at positioning your charity in the hearts and minds of donors.

The "Brand Promise" could be “feed one hungry person” and the "Brand Vision" could be “to end world hunger.”

Nonprofit Brand Vision Model

Givers Take Image, I want to belong to something bigger than I can do on my own.

Step 12. Brand to Five Audiences
Pursuit of Brand Happiness

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