Thursday, January 19, 2012

Find and Join Conversations

Step 53.

Did you know at this very moment, there are thousands of people engaged in conversations about issues that your charity addresses?

They are asking and answering questions . . . filling niches that seemingly no one or no organization is doing. Most likely these people don’t even know your organization exists.

Your charity is one of the premier authorities on creating solutions . . . this is why your nonprofit exists.

However, not everyone knows how special you are and therefore have no idea the pearls of wisdom you have to bestow. Therefore, you must find these conversations and join them . . . you have many answers that people are looking for and more importantly, many new perspectives to hear from.

Go to any search engine and type in “blogs about (insert your mission).” Let the dialogue begin.
Image of Technorati Home Page
If you haven't already, you need to start your own blog about your cause. Here is how . . .

Givers Take Image, I first heard about your charity by reading your post on a blog about solving poverty.

Step 54. Provide 7:1 Value to Promotion

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