Thursday, January 19, 2012

Test, Test, Test

Step 71.

There are six critical things to remember about testing:

1. It’s about results . . . ask yourself, "how is this test going to benefit us?"
2. Ask yourself, "How will we apply the results?" The answer must have a meaningful application?
3. The test groups should reflect your current segmentation strategy. Why test something that you can not roll out with?
4. The test groups must be large enough to be considered measurable. If one reasonable gift can skew your results then your test panels are too small.
5. Code! Code! Code! If you can’t identify results you can’t measure them.
6. Finally, document your test. What specifically did you test, why did you test it, what did you learn, what insights for future testing did it provide?

Email testing . . .

Create a quick and simple test plan; Day of week, time of day.

Once you determine best performance day and time, keep the schedule.

Request of your constituents that sending email is added to safe senders list.

Segment your file and test differing but relevant messaging to each group.

Always test Subject Line . . . be determined to learn something from every email campaign. Testing the email Subject Line is one of smartest things you can in order to ensure open rate.

Story testing . . . which one is more compelling?
Example of Testing a Story

Headline testing . . . which one is more intriguing?
Example of testing a headline

Photo testing . . . which one grabs your soul?
Example of photo testing

Fundraising Offer . . . which one produces the highest value over time?Example of testing fundraising offer

Banner Ad Placement testing . . . where on your homepage will produce the most money?Example of testing banner ad placement

Color testing . . . which produces the best results?
Example of testing color

These are but a few things you can test online . . . let your imagination go and I'll bet you come up with a bunch of more ideas.

Givers Take Image, The little girl's eyes spoke to me in such a way I can't explain it, I had to do something.

Step 72. Acquire Like-minded People Through Web Campaigns

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