Thursday, January 19, 2012

Remember Your CFO is not a Marketer

Step 4.

Every Chief Financial Officer in a nonprofit would like the fundraising staff to raise undesignated income. So much so their influence is causing charities to present passionless marketing.

Passionless marketing leaves a person thoroughly under-whelmed and in most cases it is designed in the pursuit of the “no-strings-attached greenback.” However, in some cases charities are just simply not providing enough detail to compel a person to join their cause.

There is a principle in fundraising, “the more specific you are in telling a donor what their money will do, the more money that donor will give you.” Which is more compelling to you?
Image of Designated Fundraising Model

Givers Take Image, If I give you fifty bucks, what are you going to do with it?

Step 5. Clarify Who You Want to Reach

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Great ideas and implimentation suggestions.

Jim Miller,
President James A. Miller, P.C.