Thursday, January 19, 2012

Utilize Persuasive Imagery for Products Sales

Step 35.

In order to make that sale for your charity, you must have professional quality imagery.

Poor imagery on the other hand can have negative effects on sales and your brand. Use these helpful tips:

1. Alternate and detailed views helps convey the full sense of the product.
2. Make sure your images are enlargeable to give people a closer look.
3. Make sure your images are optimized to download quickly.
4. Provide scale and context for your products so people can truly understand how big an item is and what other products may complement it.
5. Present the entire product, if it comes with accessories or components, display these laid out of the box so people can see exactly what they are getting.
6. Offer products that are relevant to your organization and add value to your cause.

Image of an online store example

Another great idea to help raise additional revenue for your organization is to sell products that fit with your charity's brand but are also highly desirable to consumers, such as the example below of a video store.

Image of Video Store Example

Givers Take Image, People ask me all the time what the green cross represents.

Step 36. Present Interactive Content

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