Thursday, January 19, 2012

War for Words

Step 52.

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Nonprofits are standing in their own preverbal online shadow and wonder why it is dark.

There is a battle being waged inside charities and it will determine which nonprofits are more relevant than others.

The struggle I write about is, one of definition or another way to put it . . . a lack thereof.

Unfortunately, I’ve heard many reasons as to why nonprofit organizations do not clearly state their beliefs and/or values, such as “We might alienate people,” “Our purpose is much too broad to be defined by only a few words,” or “We do much more than just one thing.” Photo of the Sea of IrrelevancyBut today I warn you, all that intellectual rationale will only lead your charity adrift on the slow and passionless sea of irrelevancy.

There is a War for Words taking place online today . . . a battle for the philanthropic-minded, who are in search of the meaning of living. Simply put into marketing terms; these people are your target audience and to the degree you have clearly defined your organization, you will attract like-minded individuals to your cause.

Positioning your charity through tactics, such as tagging content and keyword buys is only the beginning of cutting through the emaze of online clutter. If your organization can highlight what makes them truly unique, then it has a real chance of standing out in the hearts and minds of people.
Photo of Turning Toward the LightYou see, it isn’t hard to explain the step-by-step process on how to attract like-minded individuals to your charity; rather it is getting your organization to settle on want you stand for . . . who you are, what you uniquely do, and why you—over similar nonprofits. The answers to these questions are your charity’s guiding light. Turn toward this light and the shadows fall behind you.

Givers Take Image, My brother told be about a charity that fights injustice but I haven't been able to find them through my search engine results.

Step 53. Find and Join Conversations

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