Thursday, January 19, 2012

Create an Integrated Web Strategy

Step 68.

Model of Integrated Web CampaignWhat does "Creating an Integrated Web Strategy" mean?
1. Making the most of all of your communication efforts.
2. Organizationally getting teams together that would not normally work together . . . breaking down the silos.
3. Using one media to boost results of another and vice versa.

In order to maximize the impact of your charity’s message, it must be presented concisely, so it will get read; clearly, so it will be understood; creatively, so it will be remembered; and consistently, so it can guide people to self-discovery.
Thank you Joseph for your wisdom. Here are the things to consider when integrating.Save our Seals Campaign Model

Photo of too much direct mailWhy Integrate?
1. There is way too much competition for Mind Share.
2. More complex systems, technology is ever expanding options for communication.
3. Diversity in constituents, speaking to all the people all the time, the same way is over.
4. Ability to utilize the medium, wonderful tools are being created all the time for nonprofits to harness the power of the Internet.
5. Better return on your investment (ROI), Multi-Channels campaigns have been proven to increase results.

Givers Take Image, I have a letter to save the seals but an email for helping the local shelter, which one do you want me to give toward?

Step 69. Plan for Integration

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Anonymous said...

I think is a great idea that could cross over into other areas. I work at a college as the Web Manager and I'm trying to break down silos here and work with marketing and other areas to ensure an improved marketing strategy involves aspects - including the Web. Thanks for the article.