Thursday, January 19, 2012

Measure Long-Term Value

Step 66.

What works in the short-term does not always hold true in the long-term. Unfortunately, many nonprofits are struggling to grow because their decisions are based on the wrong metrics.

What are the long term effects the Internet is having on giving? Do you know the value of a donor who donates both online and offline as oppose to a donor who has only given in one way or the other? Many case studies indicate that people who give both online and offline to nonprofits are giving 50% more than donors who just give to one channel.

Can you say, Multi-Channel has arrived?

A few tests have been conducted that indicates giving is depressed when you ask for a donor’s email address in an offline strategy.

However, what is the long-term value of that email address? How much income is going to be generated through subsequent online and offine communication strategies?

Photo of a rabbit and turtleShort-sighted analytics can make a turtle look fast compared to a sleeping rabbit.

Choosing the right thing to measure is as important as getting the metrics right.

Turtles are only faster than rabbits in fairytales.

Givers Take Image, The more I discover about your charity, the more I give.

Step 67. Ask for Only What You Need
Charities Are Betting it All

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