Thursday, January 19, 2012

Set the Pace

Step 94.

We are in a highly competitive marketplace where innovation seems to be the norm rather than an anomaly.

Enterprise, the First Space ShuttleOur world is changing fast and it’s having dramatic effects on philanthropy. With advances in technology; where there’s more computing power in handheld wireless devices today than what it took to launch the first Space Shuttle. In addition, we are experiencing a greater awareness of the environment where most everyone is taking some responsibility to do their part for a greener society and the volatility of energy cost is driving new innovation for the viability of alternative fuel.Green World Model

Furthermore, today’s economy is truly a global one. We now realize greater financial inter-dependence; what happens in the U.S. markets is felt throughout the world and unfortunately we find ourselves in a state of uncertainty rather than one of stability. The rising cost of healthcare is at twice the rate of inflation and accounts for $1 in every $6 spent, along with continual threat of new governmental regulations on the nonprofit sector are taking their toll on a charity’s ability to keep pace in the understanding of how these factors are influencing donor behavior and giving.

Organizations that will thrive in the fast-changing fundraising world are those that can . . .

• Leverage their brand through integrated multi-channel fundraising for maximum impact,
• Seize the opportunities of rapid change, such as in technology and in donor motivation to offer relevant relationships driven by the donor.
• Harness the power of donor behavior to inspire life-long giving,
• Execute strategies that align these factors so as to build donor loyalty over time.

Today's donors are looking for meaning and purpose in life. They desire significance and fulfillment for their lives and want to accomplish great things. Donors will make a statement about what they believe in and value most, from wearing a yellow wrist band to attaching a pink ribbon to their clothing. They also want to belong to something bigger than themselves . . . to join others who think and live the same way they do. Finally, donors validate their purpose in life through the actual number of lives saved, changed and/or transformed by your organization and them.

Today's Donor Model
Now is the time for leadership, to be the best organization you can be, for most donors will associate themselves with nothing but the top charities . . . those nonprofits who are leading the way in their chariable catagory. During uncertain times, people wait to for someone to step up and set the pace.

Givers Take, I'm so grateful for the American Cancer Society, they truly are the leaders in Cancer Research.
Step 95. Grow 27% This Year - Part 1 or 13

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