Tuesday, January 1, 2008


For centuries, knights have gathered with their King or Queen to advocate for the one who rightly belongs. In these settings, the eldest Knight commences with an enthusiastic declaration, “Your Royal Highness, we have before us a champion, one whom deserves to be among us but has not yet been recognized. This one courageously runs our race with a deep compassion for the welfare of others and because of it, our world is better.”

Another knight stands symbolizing an accord, she proclaims, “Our champion embraces our disciplines in an undisciplined and lost world. This is evidence of one more heart beating harmoniously with ours in the understanding and application of our science, which provides another unique artistic expression of chivalry. This one maintains a code of conduct that protects those who cannot defend, be it physical, spiritual, or emotional. This one’s quest is that of men and women who have gone before, a quest of honor.”

The Queen summons the one forward, “Champion, not the women and men assembled, nor accolades from this Queen have made you a knight. We did not give you the passion that beats within your chest, nor have we made your honorable eternal choices. This symbolic ceremony justly acknowledges that you’ve made yourself a knight. Now arise in your Knighthood as a Champion of Philanthropy.”

Photo of a Knights of Templar RingWill you be the next noble one?

True nobility is not being better than someone else but being better than you used to be. Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

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