Friday, February 13, 2009



Everything is gone
Moment by moment consumes me
Swirling with an increasing roar
It is water
Mist reaches my lips
My thirst is no more
Splendorous Cascades Revealed
Falling into a pure sparkling blue pond
Water nurtures this place
Her love is beyond measure
Everything she touches is vibrant green
Offering sweet tasting berries
Sourwood trees smile with their brilliant white, bell shaped flowers
Ringing a love song for every honey bee
Her purity embraces me
Resting beneath her surface
This moment is my focus
It’s real . . . It’s true
Her current moves me downstream
She is careful, winding me around jagged rocks and over fallen trees
Her river flows. Her banks widen
Nothing can stop her
She is created by God for God
She brings to me her vast sea
The Sun rests on her
An invitation to her heart
Swim. I swim to my everything
With Amy, my sea of love
Sunset on the Sea

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