Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Never the Same

My friend, please allow me to risk the trust I’ve gleaned thus far from our brief moments together by reminding you of one simple truth. In fact, for me, it would be a sin if I did not present this truth in this manner. Your path is unwinding . . . you’ve turned a spiritual corner so please keep your heart open to read the most important thing I could ever tell you, either in person or in written form.

People desire an awakening, they search for meaning and purpose. Rich or poor, young or old, man or woman, it matters not, all of us are either spiritually awake or so self-involved we might as well be asleep.

Early I shared with you in the article Bedtime Stories about The Astonishing Layers of Good . . . well, everything that is good is of God. You see, the virtue we experience in our hearts every time we reach out to help beyond ourselves is an actual moment with our creator.
It is God who brings the peace and the vision to do awesome works of good whether we acknowledge it or not.

Perhaps you feel nothing . . . your life may have been once whole, full of joy and happiness but is now broken. There is a belief inside of you that constantly claiming that your best days are behind you. Let me encourage you to begin again. Embrace your remaining moments on earth as a gift from God to be used for a great purpose that will last forever. Give God your heart and ask how to begin that purpose.

"You wouldn’t be here today if God didn’t have something else for you to accomplish. He wouldn’t have given you the breath to breathe this morning if He didn’t have another victory in front of you.

You have an assignment . . . somebody to impact.
You have a new mountain to climb . . . you are a person of destiny.
You are not here to just take up space but rather to make a difference.
To live an abundant, rewarding, and fulfilled life." Joel Osteen

Fill your days with serving others. Lay your head on your pillow at night after an exhausting day of servanthood. Challenge yourself to serve when it’s not convenient. Every single day I make an effort to deny myself, for greatness is all about serving others.

It may seem as if I’m expecting some conversion to take place in your heart, on the contrary, I imagine you’ve been feeling the same way as I have for some time. It’s just now upon reading this blog book that for the first time someone put into words how you live your life. Either way, from this day forward, you’ll never be the same.

We must attempt things so great that they are doomed to failure unless God intervenes.
Henry Blackaby

You Can't Take it With You

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